Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

Fuel injection system cleaning in Linwood and Paisley

Fuel injection cleaning

Modern fuel injection systems are very complex with minute tolerances inside the systems components which makes them prone to wear, contamination and blockage, regular servicing is essential to prevent expensive problems.

At Traffic Motor Company, we have invested in a state-of-the-art, high power injector max machine that is designed to efficiently and thoroughly clean the fuel injector system in your vehicle. Using this machine is a quick, easy and safe procedure, fuel system servicing with our injector max machine is a great way to improve fuel consumption and to prevent a loss of power in car engine.

Our specialist fuel injector cleaning machine will reduce your car emissions with one quick and easy injector cleaning service. In many cars, we can drastically improve fuel consumption with this simple one-off procedure and thanks to our Fortron Injector Max system we can thoroughly purge your fuel injector system and soon have your car running at optimum efficiency.

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The Fortron injector max machine 

The Fortron injector max machine powerfully cleans your vehicle’s fuel injector and leaves it functioning good as new. Fortron is a leading name in this field and is one of the most trusted systems on the market.

The Fortron injector cleaning system can greatly benefit your vehicles performance. Carbon deposits are blasted away and this removes the buildup of particles that would otherwise be causing blockages and hindering your vehicles performance. This simple solution may well save you great amounts of money in the future as well as bringing with it vehicle performance benefits.
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A professional fuel injector cleaning service can:

  • Restore your MPG!
  • Remove carbon deposits!
  • Noticeable improvements in your overall vehicle performance!
  • Fortron Fuel injector Max is available for most petrol and diesel vehicles from £66.00
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