Vehicle repairs in Linwood and Paisley

Vehicle repair 

At Traffic Motor Company offer professional vehicle repairs.

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Exhaust fitting/repairs:
Your exhaust is required to be in good condition to carry harmful gases away from the vehicle occupants and is a MOT requirement.

At Traffic Motor Company, we can inspect your exhaust and give you a free no obligation quote on exhaust replacement or repair and our repairs are fully guaranteed.

We also offer exhaust welding, modification and fabrication often at better prices than dealer or fast fit centres.

Battery/charging system:
Battery problems can be very inconvenient for drivers and tend to occur without warning at the worst of times. 

At Traffic Motor Company, we can carry out a free battery and alternators test and give you advice on whether any replacement parts would be required and only fit the best quality affordable replacements.

A wide range of batteries are stocked all year around and can be sourced usually the same day if not.

A diagnostic test may be required to pin point troublesome unexplained battery drains and can be checked by our fully trained technicians.

Clutch replacement:
People tend to dread problems with their clutch as it can often result in expensive repairs being needed, early diagnosis is advised as adjustment or replacement of a hydraulic parts may sort the issue before it causes something more sinister and expensive and may disable the vehicle all together.

At Traffic Motor Company, we can give sound honest advice on any clutch problems which often result in harsh or difficult gear changes, hydraulic problems or unusual noises. We only use the best quality replacement parts and all our repairs are guaranteed.

Unexpected clutch repairs can be spread over a 4-month period with only a 25% deposit.

Cambelt replacement:
Cambelts or timing belts as they are sometimes known are a serviceable item and should be changed strictly in accordance with manufacturers recommendation. The cambelt is one of the most crucial components in your engine and vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement based on the mileage and age of the vehicle and whether the vehicle is operated under arduous average driving conditions, failure to heed these recommendations could result in the belt failing and cause catastrophic valve to piston contact inside the engine and lead to complete engine overhaul or replacement.

At Traffic Motor Company, we can give you the best advice on replacement intervals, only the best quality replacement parts are used and all repairs are guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Prices available on request.

The poor condition of roads in the U.K. can cause serious issues with steering and suspension such as broken coil springs, ball joint, steering rack wear etc. as well as general wear and tear due to mileage. Noises or clunks heard while driving over bumps can be an early symptom of worn or damaged steering and suspension components which can be dangerous and result in MOT failure.
At Traffic Motor Company our trained technicians can give you sound honest advice on any steering or suspension issues to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Unusual transmission noises when driving or difficulty selecting gear could be as a result of clutch wear, wheel bearing faults or internal faults in the gearbox or differential of your vehicle all of which can lead to expensive repairs so correct diagnosis is paramount.
At Traffic Motor Company our trained technicians can usually diagnose a transmission fault simply by performing a simple road test and some checks to determine the exact nature of your problem without the need for extensive dismantling of the vehicle, from there we can give you some sound honest advice on any replacement or overhaul that may be required. To keep costs to a minimum we rarely advise gearbox replacement but instead a fully guaranteed reconditioning service if this is what is required with a transparent break down of all the costs involved and all replacement parts match or exceed original manufacturers quality.

Engine repair/overhaul:
The demand on modern petrol and diesel engines are huge due to the number of other electrical and mechanical components they have to drive, high operating temperatures and external emission control systems fitted so regular maintenance is required to keep the engine, turbo charger etc. in good condition and prolong its life. Broken timing belts, worn timing chains, worn turbo chargers and lack of maintenance can all contribute to some serious and costly repairs.

At Traffic Motor Company, we have the benefit of experienced technicians fully trained in engine repairs, replacement and overhaul. Due to the expense involved in engine replacement so we only advise this if repair or reconditioning your engine is uneconomical. We always source the best quality parts so we can give you a full guarantee.

Welding and fabrication:
At Traffic Motor Company, we can offer a full range of welding and fabrication facilities from mot repairs to exhaust fabrication and vehicle modification at affordable prices.

Classic car repairs:
Many garages avoid repair or restoration work on prestige or classic cars due to the time involved sourcing parts and nature of repairs involved but at Traffic Motor Company we welcome this type of work and do our best to provide you with quality and experience to keep your pride and joy in the best condition possible.

Car customising:
Many garages avoid car customising as it often results in time consuming work and modifying existing components but at Traffic Motor Company we welcome this type of work and do our best to provide you with the best quality experience whatever your choice of car upgrade. We can carry out suspension lowering, alloy wheel replacement, electronic modifications, exhaust upgrade/alteration and many others whether you require us to supply the parts or have your parts fitted.
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