Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Tyre replacement and computerised wheel alignment in Paisley

Computerised wheel alignment

If your tyre wear is unusual, it is likely that your wheels are not aligned correctly. This is caused by an incorrect camber setting. Tyres can not only wear out more quickly but your vehicle is also less efficient, may handle poorly and therefore also affect safety if your wheel alignment is not set to the manufacturer's specifications.
 Save money and get your wheels aligned correctly to make sure your vehicle is safe for the road with the Traffic Motor Company's computerised wheel alignment service.
Tyre replacement


Your car tyres are arguably the most important part of the vehicle as they are in contact with the road at all times and it is essential the pressures and tread depth are checked regularly to keep you road legal and safe. At Traffic Motor Company, we will check your tyres free of charge, advise you if they require replaced and give you an affordable no obligation quote.

Many premium and budget tyres are stocked and we can have prompt delivery of non-stock tyres usually the same day.
We can service your tyre pressure monitoring system, replace and programme valves if required.

Prices available on request.
Brakes and clutches

Wheel alignment

Correct wheel alignment is essential to modern vehicles for safe road handling, to prevent premature tyre wear and even out steering pulls. Modern vehicles have complex and precise steering angle measurements which can be knocked out easily as the steering and suspension components start to wear and every day road hazards such as potholes and speed bumps so adjustments should be made regularly.

At Traffic Motor Company, we can adjust your wheel alignment quickly and accurately using our laser or state of the art fully computerised 4-wheel alignment system allowing us to make adjustments to all modern vehicles.
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For tyre replacement and computerised wheel alignment in Paisley call Traffic Motor Company on
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