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Transform your vehicle with a car customisation service

Choose Traffic Motor Company for professional vehicle modification services in Barrhead. We make your dreams a reality.

Make your vehicle truly unique

There’s no better feeling than driving a one-of-a-kind car. Our bespoke vehicle modification services are tailored to your requirements. We work with you throughout the process to ensure your dream car becomes a reality. We carry out a wide range of car modifications, such as suspension lowering, alloy wheel replacement, electronic modifications, exhaust upgrades and alterations, and much more. Whether you need your own parts fitting or require us to supply new parts, we can do it all. Contact us today to find out more about our car customisation services. If you own a classic car, check out our classic car service.

Car wheels


In our 20 years of business, we have carried out a wide range of car modifications for our customers. Here are a few of our most popular services.


Instantly upgrade the appearance of your car with new or refurbished alloys in the colour and finish of your choice.


Modifying your suspension can improve the handling and driving experience of your vehicle. We carefully tune the suspension to enhance your car’s drivability, while simultaneously ensuring that it looks great!


Engine tuning can increase your car’s power output, fuel economy, torque, acceleration, durability, and all-round performance. Call us today to discuss our engine remapping service.


Restore and upgrade the appearance of your callipers with our refurbishment service. Choose from a range of custom colours and coatings.

20 years’ experience

Our car customisation services have been a local favourite for over 20 years.

Tailored services

We work with you to ensure all modifications meet and exceed your requirements.

No job too big or small

From small modifications to a full car customisation, our engineers can handle any requests.

cars in a garage with the bonnet propped open

– Sandra Coughlan, Google Reviews

“Brilliant, prompt, informative, thorough, knowledgeable and economical.”

cars at modern car garage

Choose Traffic Motor Company for car customisation in Barrhead. Call us on 0141 881 1990 to discuss your requirements

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