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New car tyres in garage

FREE tyre checks in Barrhead

Are you worried about your tyres? Traffic Motor Company is the go-to garage for a tyre replacement or repair. Call us to book.

An impressive range of tyres for ALL vehicles

A flat tyre is the last thing anyone needs. As well as being an inconvenience, getting the repair you need can often be a stressful experience. At Traffic Motor Company, we make getting your tyres repaired as easy as possible. Our skilled technicians will inspect your tyres free of charge, offer their advice, and provide an affordable, no-obligation quote.

We supply all major tyre brands, including:

  • Firestone

  • Bridgestone

  • Avon

  • Michelin

  • Dunlop

  • Pirelli

  • Continental

  • Budget brands

Worried about traction on slippery winter roads? We also supply winter tyres for affordable prices! If we don’t have the tyres you need in stock, we can usually source them on the same day. Call us today to discuss your tyre requirements.

Full Frame Shot Of Stacked Car Tyres


At Traffic Motor Company, our skilled technicians will carry out thorough checks to identify any issues with your tyres, such as:


Have you noticed visible wear patterns on your tyres? If one tyre has significantly less tread than the other, this could be a sign that your wheels are misaligned. Check out our wheel alignment service today.


If your TPMS warning light has appeared on your dashboard, visit us today for a repair. We’ll replace and program any faulty valves.


If you suspect there’s an issue with your tyres, bring your vehicle to our garage for a thorough inspection. We offer FREE tyre checks, so if there’s nothing wrong, you won’t pay a pound!


Driving with bald tyres can be risky. You may experience reduced traction, poor handling, and an increased chance of punctures. If you’re involved in a collision and are found to have defective tyres, your insurance could be invalidated. Bring your car to us immediately for a tyre replacement service.

Regulated by the Motor Ombudsman

Trust us for a thorough and professional tyre replacement and repair service.

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Wide range of tyre options

We stock a wide range of budget and premium brands, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Friendly garage services

We’re a local favourite for friendly customer service, affordable pricing, and reliable repairs.

cars in a garage with the bonnet propped open

“Just wanted to say thank you to Aiden and Traffic Motor Company who looked at my tyre today when the light came on when we were shopping over the road. Thank you for filling in up with air and giving me the confidence to drive home. I will be recommending to everyone I know in the Barrhead area. Excellent service that is rare these days.”

– Madeline Miller, Google Reviews

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Call Traffic Motor Company on 0141 881 1990 for a tyre replacement in Barrhead

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