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Car mechanic fixing fuel injector

Ensure maximum performance with fuel injector cleaning

Looking to improve fuel consumption? Call Traffic Motor Company for fuel injector cleaning in Barrhead.

What is a fuel injector?

If you’ve noticed a dip in your car’s performance, it may be due to clogged fuel injectors. These components are crucial to your engine’s performance and can cause several issues if they’re not serviced regularly. Your car’s fuel injectors work together with the filter and fuel pump to ensure your engine receives a precise mixture of air and fuel. It’s easy to see how a dirty fuel injector can have a huge impact on your car’s engine!

Fuel Injection Pump


When you bring your car to our garage, we’ll conduct extensive testing to diagnose the problems with your car. For clogged fuel injectors, we have invested in a high-power Injector Max Machine, designed to thoroughly clean all components. In many cars, this simple, one-off procedure is enough to drastically improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Our Fortron Fuel Injector Max can be used on most petrol and diesel vehicles. This service is available from £66. If you’ve experienced poor engine performance, visit us today for diagnostics and fuel injector cleaning.


With over 20 years of experience providing fuel injector cleaning, we can safely say our Injector Max machine is an essential piece of technology! Fortron is a leader in this field and provides some of the most trusted systems on the market. Their Injector Max machine blasts away carbon deposits and removes any particle build-ups hindering your vehicle’s performance. Visit us today to experience the performance benefits of fuel injector cleaning.

State-of-the-art technology

Investments in the latest technology allow us to offer high-quality services, guaranteed to make a difference.

Immediate performance improvements

Fuel injector cleaning will restore engine power, optimise fuel delivery, and enhance fuel efficiency.

Reliable garage services

With over 20 years of experience, you can count on us for reliable diagnostics and repairs.

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– Stewart Murray, Google Reviews

“Professional, helpful, courteous service every time.”

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Call Traffic Motor Company on 0141 881 1990 for fuel injector cleaning in Barrhead

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