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Car wheel fixed with wheel alignment machine

Visit our Barrhead garage for wheel alignment services

Have you noticed irregular tyre wear and poor handling? Call Traffic Motor Company for a professional wheel alignment service.

What causes misaligned wheels?

Modern vehicles have complex and precise steering angle measurements. These can be knocked out easily as the steering and suspension components start to wear. Contact with everyday road hazards such as potholes and speed bumps will also throw these components out of alignment. When you bring your car to our garage, our team of skilled technicians will be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your car is safe for the road.


So how can you tell if your wheels are misaligned? An early warning sign of misaligned wheels is irregular tyre wear. This may seem like a small issue, but it will eventually require you to replace a set of otherwise perfectly good tires. If this issue continues, it could lead to poor vehicle handling, so it’s best to get your tyres checked as soon as you notice a problem. Contact us today for a wheel alignment or tyre replacement.

Car wheel fixed with wheel alignment machine


During this service, we’ll conduct thorough vehicle checks to identify any issues and carry out the necessary adjustments to improve your vehicle’s driveability.


If we notice issues with your tyre’s camber, our skilled technicians will follow manufacturer guidelines to make the correct adjustments.


Toe out (negative toe) is when the front of the wheel points away from the centre line. Toe in is when the front of the wheel points inwards. Our team will make sure these levels are correct to keep your vehicle from pulling to one side when driving.


  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Better handling and steering

  • Even tyre wear

  • Extended tyre lifespan

  • Safer, more efficient driving

Spread repair costs

For more manageable payment options, you can choose to spread repair costs over several months.

Over 20 years’ experience

With 2 decades worth of experience, there’s a reason we’re one of Barrhead’s favourite garages.

Reliable repairs

Our skilled technicians are highly trained to provide a quality wheel alignment service.

cars in a garage with the bonnet propped open

– Loren Castaldi, Google Reviews

“Great people and trustworthy mechanics.”

cars at modern car garage

Call Traffic Motor Company on 0141 881 1990 for wheel alignment in Barrhead

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