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Close-up of a car gearbox

Visit Traffic Motor Company for gearbox repairs in Barrhead

If you are experiencing problems with your gearbox, it’s important to get your car fixed straight away. Call us now to book an appointment.

Get a thorough diagnosis of any transmission faults

If you notice unusual transmission noises or have difficulty selecting gears, it’s crucial to get any issues diagnosed as soon as possible. Clutch wear, wheel bearing faults, or internal gearbox faults could all lead to expensive repairs. Getting a diagnosis sooner rather than later will help to prevent any excessive repair costs.


At Traffic Motor Company, we have the technical expertise, experience, and equipment to determine the exact cause of the problem. Our trained technicians can usually diagnose a transmission fault by performing a simple road test and some checks to determine the exact nature of the problem. We’ll offer our honest advice on any repairs and provide a full breakdown of all costs involved.


Our garage is known for our dependable services and commitment to saving our customers money. To minimise costs, we recommend a fully guaranteed reconditioning service, rather than a gearbox replacement. All services are carried out using high-quality replacement parts that match or exceed original manufacturer quality. Call us today to book your car into our garage.

Mechanic repairing a car's transmission


At Traffic Motor Company, we have 20 years of experience when it comes to transmission faults. Here are some of the main reasons our customers experience gearbox issues.


If you live in a busy city, driving in traffic could be taking its toll on your vehicle. The frequent stops and starts can put a strain on your brakes as well as your transmission. Contact us for brake repairs.


Bad driving habits such as engine braking, resting your hand on the gearstick, flooring the accelerator, and late braking can wear out your transmission.


Potholes, speed bumps, and extreme weather can have a detrimental impact on your transmission. Avoiding poor road conditions can help to prevent transmission problems.


Transmission fluid helps to keep your transmission operating at an optimal rate and temperature. Neglecting warning signs and driving with low transmission fluid could lead to overheating.

Experienced technicians

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience repairing, replacing, and overhauling gearboxes.

Expert advice

Before carrying out repairs, our team will offer their honest advice.

Affordable services

We care about saving you money and aim to keep your repair costs to a minimum.

cars in a garage with the bonnet propped open

– Kevin McD, Google Reviews

“Always fantastic service and price, very professional dealership service without the cost of one.”

cars at modern car garage

Call Traffic Motor Company on 0141 881 1990
for gearbox repairs and replacements in Barrhead

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